Pilot project "Tower Kronprinz: Second Advent"
Part of the International Forum "From Koenigsberg/Kaliningrad with Love"
July 5-7 2005

The project is implemented owing to the grant of the President of the Russian Federation, and the support from the Federal Agency for Culture and Film, Ford Foundation (Moscow Office), the Swedish Institute (Stockholm, Sweden) and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Stockholm, Sweden).


Projects of the Artists:

Danil AKIMOV, Dmitry DEMIDOV, Evgenij PALAMARCHUK (Kaliningrad) "TOWER KRONPRINZ: SECOND ADVENT", light and sound performance, 2005

During the performance the tower-redan Kronprinz is transformed into a light and sounds object. Perhaps, this is the last time we can hear the "native sounds" of a militant tower and to see it the way it was probably conceived more than 150 year ago.

Anastasia and Ekaterina KARPENKO, Danil AKIMOV (Kaliningrad) "KARAOKE-SERENADE", sound installation, 2005
The project is implemented in cooperation with a fashion agency "Podium Studio" (Kaliningrad) - organizer of the "Face of the Year" contest. Very high in the tower Высоко-высоко в башне томится bewitched many-sided media- princess languishes. And only the one able to really sincerely perform a song of Love for her will dispel the magic and will see a real Beauty. You will find all the auxiliary tools for singing serenades is a designated place - under a window of a high, very high, tower, where the princess is waiting for her savior.

Evgeny UMANSKY (Kaliningrad). "KRONPRINZ reanimation", installation, 2005
In order to read text ZNIRPNORK, once should use a mirror. This trick is used by ambulances so that drivers can read AMBULANCE in a mirror of their car and to give a way. "KRONPRINZ reanimation" symbolizes enlivening of the old tower, salvation and resurrection, returning to life in a new quality of the Museum of contemporary art.

Vladimir SCHERBAKOV (Kaliningrad). "FAREWELL, ARMS...", installation, 2005

Flags are the combination of elegance, power and simplicity. They are placed in the most beautiful and majestic sites, so that as many people can see them as possible. There is also a historical tradition of using flags: since long a white flag has been internationally symbolizing the end of enmity. White flag as a piece of peace, pure canvass on which future can be painted, is erected on the tower Kronprinz.

SKRJU (Kaliningrad). "KAFKA-757", installation, 2005
SKRJU group lives beyond territorial frames and communicates exclusively by correspondence: sq in Glazov, nq in Krasnodar, kq in Kaliningrad. Since 2005 the group has cooperated with Olga Larina (Kaliningarad). All are untied by their love to ZX-Spectrum*

* 8 bit computer was invented in Britain by Sir Clive Sinclair in 1982. ZX-Spectrum was a big success. Multitude ofck )s of this computer, in fact bootleg, was created in the Soviet Union. Perhaps, Spectrum was the first mass home computer in the USSR. The peak of its success was in the beginning of nineties.

Rostan TAVASIEV (Moscow). "LITTLE BRICKS", installation, 2005
Venues: Tower "Kronpinz" (NCCA Kaliningrad), Tower "Dona" (Amber Museum)
"LITTLE BRICKS" is a manifest of an artist who feels obliged to take part in fighting with German militarism. The "attack" is directed at the inner ring of fortifications surrounding the city. This artwork destroys the image of ominous, enigmatic and inaccessible from a first glance towers. Plush toy bricks implanted into the wall are able to transform the gloomy aura of fortifications into the bright and pure energy of joy. Rostan considers the project as within his powers contribution to fight against fascism.

Group RAKETA / Helena Bystroem, Esa Lipka Falck, Elisabet Nilsson, Charlotte Hansson (Stockholm, Sweden). Action "THIS IS A VISITOR", 2005
The project is realized with the support of the Swedish Institute (Stockholm, Sweden)
What is we light up a house? A photo from the Art Guide Book - Dome Sovietov - is transformed to Light for an evening ! R а к e t a is turning on the lamp & taking the house out for a walk around the streets of Kaliningrad & back to the starting point & turn off the lamp & again ....was it a dream ? was it a memory ??

FA+ /Ingrid FALK and Gustavo AGUERRE (Stockholm, Sweden)
"VESTIGES", video installation, book "KALININGRAD TAKEN OVER", action "ZITAT KANT - KANT ON WATER", 2005
The project is realized with the support of the Swedish Institute (Stockholm, Sweden)

is the hypothetical search of a language that has disappeared. Another culture has taken over the city. A new conceptual creation has reinvented the life in the enclave. In a fictional story we follow a person looking for vestiges of that forgotten tongue, we find out that something is happening with the people - language as a virus.

"ZITAT KANT - KANT ON WATER" was held on the embankment of the Pregel river next to the Cathedral.
the children of Kaliningrad used to rush to the beach to collect pieces of plastic foam from package-material that the sea brought. Those pieces of plastic where encoded messages, from somewhere else beyond the seas. Now we invert the gesture and send to the sea another coded message - a quotation in German and Russian of philosopher Kant in plastic foam is laid on water from the Cathedral where he is buried.