Results of the competition "Tower Kronprinz: Second Advent" 2007

In 2006 we received 54 applications for the participation in the second competition from Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Finland, France, Sweden, Estonia and South African Republic.
The jury had chosen 3 projects winners and 3 special projects in order to realize them.
These projects were presented on the night of May 18-19, and more than 3000 Kaliningrad citizens and guests saw them at the European Museum Night. On the 29th of June the presentation of the projects winners was held.

Members of the Jury: Leonid Bazhanov - art critic, curator, art director of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts (Moscow), Ilya Voznesensky - architect, artist and member of group "Iced Architects" (Moscow), Yevgeny Umansky - curator, artist, art director of the Kaliningrad Branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts (Kaliningrad).


Winners' projects:
- "The Heartfelt"- interactive audio installation by Danil Akimov (Kaliningrad, Russia) ;
- "Kaliningrad - Out" - communication project by group "Atelier Veldwerk" / Rudy J. Luijters and Onno Dirker (the Hague, the Netherlands);
- "Searching for the absolute at Tower Kronprinz (after Flaubert)" - poetic topography by Yuki Higashino (Frankfurt am Main, Germany).

Projects winners were presented on the 29th of June.

Danil Akimov. "The Heartfelt", audio installation, 2007
The installation offered to reveal the presence of ghosts and phantoms in the Kronprinz tower during the performance by means of immediate participation of the visitors. Through the open windows of the ground floor one could send a voice message thus "letting its spirit in" the tower. Each voice message supplemented the stylized sound landscape of the old tower, where invisible but audible ghosts live.... Audio-system specially designed and controlled by Danil Akimov allowed tuning a heart-to-heart talk with the ghostly realm of the tower Kronprinz.

Group "Atelier Veldwerk". "Kaliningrad - Out", communication project, 2007
For their project "Kaliningrad - Out" artists Rudy J. Luijters and Onno Dirker held more than 50 meetings with creative people of Kaliningrad in order to create a map of the cultural space of the city and collect as much information as possible about artistic life in our region. The results of this cultural research were presented as printed matter within the framework of the presentation of the results of the competition on the territory in front of the tower Kronprinz.

Yuki Higashino. "Searching for the absolute at Tower Kronprinz (after Flaubert)", poetic topography, 2007
Project by Yuki Higashino is based on the idea that language determines the way of perceiving reality. That is why the author offered the Kaliningrad citizens to take part in a competition aimed at creation of an image of the tower Kronprinz by means of "most sophisticated, precise and beautiful language in the world". The texts that were selected by the jury, were printed on posters and hung all around the city of Kaliningrad. At the presentation on June 29 Yuki Higashino together with Sergey Mikhaylov - co-curator of the project - handed over the author's copies of the posters made in the technique of "serigraphy" to the winners of the literary competition. They were: Andrey Tozik, Oleg Blyablyas and Raisa Minakova.

Special projects:
- "Kronprinz" - video installation by Yury Vasiliev (Kaliningrad, Russia)
- "A Window into a Museum" - installation by Elena Lukyanova (Frankfurt, Germany)
- "Germination" - land art by Vladimir Zorin (Petrozavodsk, Russia)

These projects were presented to the audience at night on May 18-19 at European Museum Night.

Yury Vasiliev. "Kronprinz", video installation, 2007
The artist offered to look into the well at night and try to find the images of reality on the water surface, like in a mirror. At such moments the tower symbolically presented itself as an axis of the universe.

Elena Lukyanova. "A Window into a Museum", installation, 2007
Window as a metaphor of the possibility to see allowed the audience to look at something which is yet "hidden" inside. The "onlookers" saw a fantastic world of contemporary museums, got to know the masterpieces of museum architecture, took a trip to the wonderful spaces of future today.

Vladimir Zorin. "Germination", land art, 2007
"The history of the tower went deeply underground and mixed with the layers of nature which were not influenced by a human, eventually resulting in the germination of something new, which would be neither part of nature nor something "created" immediately by man, it should be something between these worlds…"

The organizers of the competition and the artists would like to thank for help in realization of the projects the following volunteers: Sergey Kabalinov, Sergey Bogdanchikov, Andrey Anders, Nadezhda Shevchenko, Kirill Gluschenko, Anton Zabrodin, Zinaida Shershun, and also Ilya Dementyev, the director of NGO "Youth for the Freedom of Speech", for support in realization of the action "Museum Night".

The project is realized with support of:
Ministry of Culture and Mass Communication, RF
Federal Agency for Culture and Film
Ford Foundation /Moscow Office
General Consulate of the Netherlands in St.Petersburg

Special thanks for help in realization of the project to:
Cultural Design Agency "Dalny Zapad"
ITRC "Kaskad"
STRC "Kaliningrad"
Kaliningrad Higher School of Management
Russian State University of Immanuel Kant
Ltd "Gorodskiye okna"
Ltd "Konstrukcion"
Music equipment store "Muzykalny Port"
IAD of Leningradsky district of Kaliningrad
Sound recording studio "Brudenia"