The Third Open International Competition "Tower Kronprinz: Second Advent 2008" results

On the 21st of March 2008 the meeting of the expert commission was held in the office of KB NCCA in order to select the three final projects of the Third Open International Competition "Tower Kronprinz: Second Advent".
The jury included: Leonid Bazhanov - art critic, curator, art director of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts (Moscow); Sergey Khachaturov - art critic, observer of the section "Culture" in the periodical "Vremya novostey" (Moscow); Yevgeny Umansky - curator, artist, art director of KB NCCA.
We received 55 applications from Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Finland, France, Sweden, Estonia and RSA.
The jury had considered all the projects and had chosen the following ones to be implemented in 2008 on the grants form the Ford Foundation, Moscow:

- "Kronprinz: Kaleidoscope" by Oleg Blyablyas (Kaliningrad, Russia);
- "Kaliningrad Defensive Barracks Choir" by Paolo Girol (Venice, Italy)
- "Swindle" by "Recycle" group (Andrey Blokhin, Georgiy Kiznetsov) (Krasnodar, Russia)

"RECYCLE" group
Andrey Blokhin, Georgiy Kuznetsov
Krasnodar / Russia


The artists propose to install huge cellulose sacks into the windows of the Tower with people's faces on them. The bags are filled with air and then can be either blown up or out. The faces on them get either rumpled or smoothed. The project demonstrates the senselessness of the human fight against environment. The sighs near the window remain the only way to influence the world.

Paolo Girol
Venice / Italy

Kaliningrad Defensive Barracks Choir

Paolo Jirol's art project will be based on the knowledge of KB NCCA's workers about the defensive barracks of the Tower Kronprinz. The aim of the project is to create a polyphonic musical composition. The artist will interview the workers and record it. These materials will serve as a basis of the musical composition which will be also supplemented by the audioscapes of the city. A film created by the author on the basis of video materials made during the interview and the preparation of the project will also be demonstrated as part of the project.

Oleg Blyablyas
Kaliningrad / Russia

Kronprinz - Kaleidoscope

The basis of the project "Kronprinz - Kaleidoscope" is a film-tabloid about the lives of real contemporary crown princes. Charles, Prince of Wales, the heir to the British throne and the most famous of modern crown princes will be the main character.
The project reconsiders and gives a new meaning and contents to the name Kronprinz, creating a whole kaleidoscope of real stories, society columns and everyday situations from the lives of crown princes, thus drawing us into contemporainety.
The project is implemented by means of special equipment which allows to mix the existing esthetics of the court style and traditions giving the possibility to manage this life, to manipulate the kaleidoscope and enabling to witness the real life of crown princes.

The projects "Swindle" and " Kronprinz - Kaleidoscope" will be presented on the night of May 16-17 within the framework of the action "Museum Night".
Presentation of Paolo Girol's project "Kaliningrad Defensive Barracks Choir" will be held in summer 2008 (the exact dates are under consideration).