On the 5th of March 2009 the expert commission held a session in the office of KB NCCA in order to select the three projects-winners of the Fourth Open International Competition "Tower Kronprinz: Second Advent".

The jury included: Leonid Bazhanov - art critic, curator, art director of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts (Moscow); Sergey Khachaturov - art critic, observer of the section "Culture" in the "Vremya novostey" periodical (Moscow); Yevgeny Umansky - curator, artist, art director of KB NCCA (Kaliningrad).

We received 69 applications from Austria, Argentina, UK, Germany, Iran, Italy, China, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, USA, Turkey, Ukraine, France, Sweden and Estonia.

The jury had considered all the projects and had chosen the following ones to be implemented in 2009 on the grants from the Ford Foundation, Moscow:

- "Paradise re-made" by Roberley Ann Bell (New York, USA);
- "Portrait with the Kronprinz" by Yevgeny Palamarchuk (Kaliningrad, Russia)
- "Space drawing" by Sai Hua Kuan (London, UK / Singapore).

The jury recommended to implement additionally out of the funds of KB NCCA such projects as:

- Communication PR-project "Royal-Epistole" by Oleg Blyblyas (Kaliningrad, Russia);
- "Crown Princess" by San Donato Group (Kaliningrad, Russia)

The jury approved for implementation out of the funds of Institut Francais the "Collapsing mirage" project by Brigitte Perroto and Augustin Gimel (Paris, France)

Roberley Ann Bell
New York/USA
Paradise re-made
The artist proposes to dress the windows of the tower with flower boxes and place flower carts housing a selection of flowerpots in the yard. The audience will be invited to take home a flowering pot they like with a pictogram attached instructing on what to do next. Each participant bears the responsibility of taking care about their flower and has to decide where to place the one "under wardship" and to document its growth, bloom, etc. The aim of the project is to keep constantly in touch with the "volunteers" which requires a desire on the part of the participant to partake in the artwork. "Paradise re-made" presents itself as creative experiment merging site, artwork and audience participation with the results unknown.

Yevgeny Palamarchuk
Portrait with the Kronprinz
The aim of the project is to personalize the relationship between the Kronprinz tower and its visitors by means of manipulating with the visitor's portrait. Everyone who comes is invited to make a photo of themselves next to the tower. Then the photo is electronically processed and transformed into a mosaic consisting of a multitude of the tower's images whereas the resemblance to the one who was photographed is preserved. The photograph is printed out and given to the visitor as an art object. It's uploaded on the web-page of the project in a digital format, with the name of the visitor indicated.

Sai Hua Kuan
London/UK / Singapore

Space drawing
The artist proposes to explore the simplest and the most fundamental functions of a line - to divide, subtract and define a space. The site-specific installation using Bungee ropes will emphasize the idea of nothingness: nothing is permanent and everything comes and goes in cycles.The artist wishes to present the historical space of the Kronprinz tower in a new transitory way.